Friday, January 7, 2011

Playing with Stewart Gill paints!!Still working on it!!

I had this paper Mache jar that was in a shed for a long time, used paints to emulate a raku finish.


Lisa said...

Hi Betty, this is Lisa from Artistcellar. Your vase looks so beautiful, I wish I could see it in person. Can you let us at the Roses group know when it's finished? If you can get a nice clear picture I'd love to post it on the Artistcellar Facebook page :-)

Prairie Patch said...

Hi, Betty. Saw your link to your beautiful jar on R.A.I.L. I love the raku touch!

bloubell said...

Thanks for the comments, I should be done today, hard to get a picture without a glare but when I get done I will take it somewhere really light and see how that works. The texture is really great with the cheesecloth and all but hard to see in the picture, Love this paint.