Thursday, April 16, 2009

2nd installment tutorial

step one:

You are working on the first page leaving the cover and inside cover alone. Paint over the gesso with a dark paint. I chose green. My theme for this book is vintage children. allow to dry.
step 2: Paint over with a nice coat of elmers glue. allow to dry. You can use a heat gun if you like but not enough to bubble the glue.
step 3: Paint with a lighter shade of green. There you will see the lovely crackle effect for the background of this page. The darker shows thru.
Step 4: add 2 layers of ripped paper that blends color wise with your background, distress with inks using brushes ,fingers, whatever to give you the desired effect. Cut a piece exactly the size of the page and rip it and distress it for a frame like effect. Allow to dry.
step 5: Find an image that you like and layer it with backgrounds( like a frame in the back that matches your colors. Sorry I will have to continue tomorrow, camera batteries dead.


Marion said...

Okay, I've learned something else new today. I didn't know that Elmer's glue would crackle like that...between coats of paint...all this time I've been wasting my money on a special (expensive) bottle of 'crackle medium'! Thanks, again, for another neat trick!!! Your book is already looking beautiful.

spitandvinegar said...

That is one of the coolest texture I've seen! I really like that a lot. Thanks for the tips!