Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journals-EBAY-MAY 1ST

These are 3 x 4 inch journals, decorated with vintage fabric and pictures. about 60 pages.each one is unique and one of a kind. They will be on ebay tomorrow for 6.99.
2.00 shipping. Look for rainbow869 seller. MAY 1ST-ALSO ON ART FIRE-BLOUBELL


Linda East said...

OMG Betty...these are are so talented and inspirational

paperqueen said...

Betty, your books are beautiful, thoughtful, detailed, and your tutorials are interesting, helpful, and so very generous of you to do them.
well, you know I always love what you do,

Aimeslee said...

Betty you rock the vintage. Awesome journal and book!


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial but is it possible to make the typeface Roman letters and not italic? I find it particularly difficult and tiring to read. With or without my glasses the pink letters are blurry. Don't want to miss all your good stuff.


Stacey said...

LOVE these . . . all of them!!!! Have a great day! ~Stacey

bloubell said...

Thanks for the comments, so happy you like the books and the blog.