Monday, April 20, 2009

HBO 1st Ladies Detective Agency -4th episode!!

Just watched the 4 th episode of the ladies detective agency series on HBO. It is so good , just love the characters and the stories are so different and fit so nicely with the African scene for these books. I hope you are watching it wherever you are. Quite an experience. I like that it is On Demand and I can rewatch it when I feel like it.Sometimes I need to refresh because I am always muti tasking and don't see it all at once.


Dragonlady said...

I have not heard of these movies....I will have to check on them....I wanted to watch the HBO movie, Grey Gardens, and forgot about it until about the last hour, but really liked what I did see of it....

bloubell said...

Hi I read the series about 5 years ago and it is really good, Kind of humorous but he is a good story teller and I really have enjoyed all his books, My daughter just told me ablout Gray Gardens and it is on tomorrow 3 times, I am going to watch it, I love Drew Barrymoore. Happy you like the pages, kind of something to do besides challenges. Be talking Betty