Friday, July 24, 2009

New project!!! Some sad thoughts.

Making some bracelets, fun to do and decorate with vintage buttons and charms. They are crocheted . Just a little project in between other larger creations. Looks like a beautiful day coming up, Am redoing my picture wall and have asked all the people
on the wall to update. grandchildren, great grandchildren and other family members.Hope they can do this for me so it does not hold up my plan. I don't mind e-mail pictures then I can make them any size I want. So much for that. I finished the Ist detective ladies book(the new one) and It was as always a great read. I wish I would have kept them all for a reread. May buy them again.Can't wait for the new season of the HBO series. Project runway will be starting soon. Don't you love it. So sad about Jon and Kate- what a worm he is. I guess he thinks he is a star.Wants to act like one anyway.
Can I share with you today?? If not then don't read any further.
I am feeling sad today as there is a lot of animosity in the family and I often wonder why they can't all get along with each other. There is always something in the wind. Someone on the outside-the scapegosat (so to speak) and then the bandwagon theory takes over and The whole thing escalates into an ending of relationships and not speaking for years. I don't think these relationships will ever be repaired. I am guilty too, It is a way of life to walk away. The easy way out , I have a saying that I used for years as a signature in my e-mail- and I quote" Water and Words, easy to pour, impossible to recover" Sometimes a person has to step off to protect themselves. Words are so powerful, and our way of life makes it possible to say terrible things to one another via e-mail. It is much easier to send terrible messages in an e-mail that face to face or even on a telephone.If feelings could be shared without hate or malice It would be wonderful but I don't see it as happening with our family.The lies, the lies are unending. Everyone has a chip and the old saying is if you are looking for someone to knock it off you will find them. That's all for today.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New work!! A few words

The "marie " piece is for a monthly challenge on the Marie group. This was fun to alter a beautiful image of Marie and make it something different. I hope it is different enough. The other picture is a altered people challenge on PID group.
The forecast is for rain today and I don't mind a bit-reading the new !st detective Ladies agency book and can do that on the porch as long as there are no gale winds and lightning. I am caught up on all my swaops and challenges so guess I will pull out all the stuff for a KC Willis piece. That requires a lot of materials , but it is fun to create one of these beautiful pieces. The new class is alters and shrines, think that will be a lot of fun, just finding the wooden piece to use for a shrine is a challenge in itself.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lace challenge and Powder Puff Wand-New charms!!

This is the piece for a Lace misc challenge for PID yahoo group. The Powder puff wand is for The Marie group. Both were fun to do and the wand was very challenging because it is out of my comfort zone. Did my best.Hope it meets with approval.
Charms are for PID charm swap- they have tiny dice and a silver 4 leaf clover. tag has info on back and they all have hanging beads and a red ribbon. Back of charms are a playing card.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Marie cuties!! Art dolls!

The Little Marie cuties are for a Antoinette group challenge and the art dolls are just because I love to make these paper creations. They were a challenge at PID and had to use the torso from their collage sheet. Hope you like them, The dolls are named Sara and Maycie(2 of my great grandaughters) The arms and legs are moveable and the head of Sara is a stamp.(The one without the braids)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Charms for charm swap!!!

These are 10 charms for a charm swap on PID yahoo group. I loved making these and have 10 more in the works with a different theme and look about the, Lots of fun to make these and know that they are suitable to hang on a bracelete or necklace. coated with glossy accents. they are tiny seed packets and the size is 1 3/8 x 7/8. They also have a different image on the back and are finished in the same way.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Art doll !!!!

This is doll number 1 of a 3 doll swap at PID. Fun to make and will do something totally different for the next, I'm thinking Marie Antoinette. The other is an ATC card made in the KC Willis tradition. Lots of fun to do this little treasure.
Challenge piece called dolls. PID iomage face and real paper doll with handmade altered paris background. New Garden fairy doll. She is special.