Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First lesson -altered board book

The first picture is the board book, this is not square and should be for your first book, I will find a square one tomorrow for the second lesson. This has a lot of pages so you will glue the front to the first page and the back to the back page. Sand before you glue and elmers will work fine if you secure it with clothespins or heavy books for about 20 min. You will not want more than a total of 8 ot 10 psges for this first book
Next you will sand with med. sandpaper all the pages and the front and back. dust off with cloth to get rid of sandpaper residue. Now you will paint each page with white gesso, a nice coat. allow to dry standing up so the pages are not touching. That is lesson one and you might be thinking of a theme or subject for this book. Before the next lesson you could gather some things-to go with your theme. here is a few ideas: Mom- fairies- french girls- vintage children- boys- holidays- spring- gardens, etc. On the side there are several places that give images away, Karen's Whimsy is a good one or maybe you have collage sheets that you can use the images for your theme. This is a vintage book lesson so old jewelry, vintage pictures , lace ,ribbon, fibers, even fabric is good. See you tomorrow. make sure you get a book that has even edges.


Linda East said...

This is great go girl

Marion said...

Thank you SO much for posting these easy to follow instructions. (I enjoyed your music, too). I just started my first altered board book (have done many other regular altered books, mainly with collage) and made the BIG mistake of not sanding the pages. :-O My paint peeled off just like a bad sunburn. LOL! Now I'm ready to start over. said...

Great! I live for tutorials, being too far from any classes - I appreciate the basics!
Thanks for sharing.
Linda B.

Anonymous said...

Oh dopey me! I posted my comment for this entry on the previous one! Well, there should still be more comments have done an unbelievable job and you have so much experience. I've done one altered book and a gazillion other altered projects, so I do appreciate what goes into it. Hundreds??!!! My hat's off to you, my friend.