Friday, March 26, 2010

Tutorial for metal tower

Starting from the bottom picture here are your wood pieces, I just had my husband cut 4 " wide by 10" inches tall and the base is 5 x 6. Sand and paint black or any other darker color you like.
Glue heavy duty foil to cardstock evenly and trim to fit. Measure and cut 4 equal pieces. One p[iece of copper foil (same size) lightweight) Emboss all with a pleasing design.I used my little cuttlebug.
color with tim holtz alcohol inks(4 different colors.
Leave a 3/8 inch border and lay your centerpiece first and then begin to lay pieces of metal, images, and copper any way that pleases youj , It will stick nicely with Tacky or even elmers glue. decorate around the pieces and images and add a votive or LCD candle to the front of your piece.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and there is enought left of the metal foil to go around the base and do a block also. ( Of the original pieces)

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