Sunday, November 15, 2009


There are actually many ways to print on fabric-this is my way, so here goes-buy freezer paper from the grocery store, it must say freeser paper and have a wax coating on one side cut it exactly to the size of your printer paper, choose your fabric, muslin is best and press it to the waxy side of the freezer paper, trim all edges and leave no strings attached. Decide on your image and print. cut out and peel off paper . I have had 2 HP printers and this one is a canon, never had it mess up in 10 years. These images are not washable , but perfect for altered art, fabric postcards etc. I also have what I call sticky paper that I bought on ebay actually called mactac that works great in place of the freezer paper and it was cheap. Remember if your image has writing-flip it before you print it so the words will be right.Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.
PS I bought this collage sheet from Vikimouse on etsy.
In the august post about picnics is a picture of a pillow ,done with a picture printed on fabric.


One Creative Queen said...

That's funny - this is how I've always printed on my fabric. I've never thought about doing it any other way. I'm glad to know it's never messed up your printer - because in the time I've been doing it, I haven't had any problems either. I've gone through 3 HPs - the only printer I couldn't use was a Canon I had years ago, it was a MultiPass. Because of the way it printed, I couldn't feed the freezer paper/fabric through it without it getting caught. Other than that, no problems for me, either.

You can also use this method for printing on fragile paper, also. It depends on whether it's too fragile to iron - but sometimes I think it's easier than taping the paper to a carrier sheet. Especially if the fragile paper has holes in it. :) xx

Cris Winters said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this great information! I'll give your transfer method a try as soon as I can - looks easy. And so much more to explore here!

Rosie Huart said...

Hi Betty,

Could you please tell me how you get several images on your one sheet of fabric? I'm drawing a blank.