Monday, February 16, 2009

Nature tag tutorial!

Save the layaway tags to your files -that is going to be your tag. Distress both sides with coffee or dip brush in water and tap on distressed ink to get the desired effect. cut a square 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 with scallop scissors, another suitable color 2 x 1 1/2, another 1 inch with scallops. distress, stamp with words or nature stamp like a bird, etc. Make a small manila tag and stamp and put rope hanger on it and the large tag. Draw or copy a branch on to the tag. Assemble, leaving an opening to put in your tag. Add a feather to the 1 inch square. Put a nature type picture on the other side and coat all with half and half elmers glue and water. Allow to dry and store in a container of cinnamon sticks or just a little cinnamon in a airtight conatiner for a few days.
Hope you like it and can utilize the tag for other projects.


Cathie said...

I just dropped by after seeing a post at the AB yahoo group. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

KatParks said...

Thank you for this simple but sophisticated tag project. This would be a lovely addition to a gift.

Mary-Beth said...

Betty, this is wonderful, I love the look of this tag and will be CASE-ing it!!! lol

Mary-Beth on PID

ScaryCheri said...

Betty what a lovely tag and so clear on how to do it. Thank you also for the law away tags, been looking all over for some. Definitely going to try this one if I ever get any time off work. Hugz, Scary