Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to make a mosaic Garden ball-BB

Here is a couple that I made for my own yard. Any old bowling ball will work- first step is clean the ball, scrubbing it thoroughly with a good degreasing cleaner. Fill finger holes with joint compound or spackle and allow to dry at least a day or two. The best glue for this project is GE Household glue, It is a silicone glue. exactly that. Lay down a folded towel to keep your ball from rolling. collect your glass or tile. I always use a combination of stained glass, broken china and small tile. A few half marbles mixed in of any size is interesting and mirror tiles 3/4 inch(ebay)-make sure your china is flat pieces not curved. That is all for today. This will give you time to gather your supplies. Here is the supplies:
bowling ball
spackle or joint compound
tile and glass etc.
GE Household glue
non sanded grout (mixed to a brownie like consistency)
soft cloths to wipe down grout and dry cloths to polish
a spray sealer.
My garden balls have been out in WI for 4 years and have not had anything happen to them, weather does not hurt these. The sealer is important. I will tell you the name of the one that I use later.
Be back tomorrow!!
It is tomorrow--now start your design, putting glue on the piece not on the ball , press into [place and continue, do half the ball-allow to dry overnite-flip over and continue with your design, When you have finished filling all the spaces, let that dry overnite and mix grout-what ever color suits your design, spread on with a sponge(don't forget your rubber gloves) do not ever dispose of grout residue down any sink in the house or garage -pour it in the back of a flower bed or bush. When it is all covered let it dry for about an hour , come back with a damp sponge and wipe down without going in the grooves. Polish with a soft cloth and spray with a good sealer. Don't forget to use some mirror tiles so your ball will refect and sparkle. If you have any questions just let me know. I am going to do one next week for my daughter, will add pictures as I do it. It really is fun and lasts a long time and makes a lovely gift for your favorite gardener. Come back and see it.

The name of the sealer is Tile Lab surface guard penetrating sealer. It is kind of pricey but lasts forever. one coat let dry another coat. Do not roll your ball , Put it on a stable base and it will last forever. I use clay bases that are made for birdbaths. They are sold separately in Home improvement centers. Not plastic.


Stacey said...

Neat!!! Great idea! :) Now . . if only I had some old bowling balls . . . hmmm.

bloubell said...

Hi Stacy
Go to the bowling alley, they always have some old ones. Wish I could give you one.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Fantastic idea! Love it.
xoxo Nita

bloubell said...

Thanks,I have made lots of them and you can always come up with a different design. Nice to give people too. I saw some concrete turtles that were done with the mosaic shell. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I love this project. What was the name of the spray sealer you used? I know you said this was important for outdoor use and would love to try it out with my kids. Thanks for sharing!

bloubell said...

Hi I put the name in the actual post and I buy this at ace hardware but I would think home depot would have it. Or one of those places. Thanks for the comments.Love to see your work when you are done.