Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let's talk about digital art!

How do you feel about this medium? Is this going to be around for a long time? Do you use certain facets of this in your altered art, scrapbooking, paper arts and cardmaking? Do you plan in the future to continue using more and more of this wonderful addition to your art and craft work?
I personally like the hands on approach to my method of art work, I do use some programs to help with altered images ,etc. I see the digital work as being quite beautiful and also has a 3 dimentional quality that looks real. Will we all eventually go to this as an alternative and an addition to what we do? I would like to hear opinions on this subject. I started this last week and it seemed to be going in a different direction than I had imagined. I am starting again because I would like people to get involved in this discussion and if you are an artist that does digital work maybe some tips and ideas that you would be willing to share. I try to share what I have learned and always think that someone may grab something from my tutorials that they can use in their art and craft work.
Do you have concerns about the use of digital images( I mean total digital) A few years ago , I belonged to a fabric postcard group and they did not allow use of digital images.

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