Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a chat!! 1ST Ladies Detective Agency.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and a parade is in order for the day. Love parades and wouldn't miss it. Making some barbequed pork chops and egga megga macaronei salad for dinner. The mac salad is a recipe from "Big Daddy's House" on the food network. Wow is it good. Lots of eggs and seasonings.
Have you been watching "The First Ladies Detective Agency "series On HBO?? Wow it is so good and you can see the whole season if you have On Demand in your area. Did you know that Precious(the nain character) and her secretay are both from New York? Interesting what a grasp they have for the accent. I love this series as I did the books that Alexander MC Call Smith writes, His 44 scotland street series is good- 3 books and also " the Isobel Dalhousie series is really good too. If you like precious you will like the other series too probably.
I am working on a RR tag book for PID yahoo group and a chunky book with 10 pages for that same group. Finished the tag book and 4 pages of the chunky book.
Starting another KC Willis piece tomorrow. Going to do a large one called "The Belles Of Paris" all can-can girls.
It is a beautiful day today and have accomplished quite a bit. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Holiday with family and friends and do not lose sight of what our military has given to all of us.

Thanks to all the Fallen Men and Women!!!

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