Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Tutorial! A bowl of rag balls!!

The tag is a gift for you to use for this project or any other you have for Christmas just right click and save. Print on something stable like cardstock.
The bottom picture is the supplies for this project. Wire, styrofoam balls, straight pins, glue and fabric( I prefer homespun but any cotton fabric will do. Strips will be about 3/4 wide and ripped not cut. .Glue ends of wire and stick in ball. First strip can be stuck in with a glued pin and start to wrap. What you see here is a beginning wrap, the ball is covered. every so often glue some of the strips to give it stability. I will continue.........Continue to wrap ball with dots of glue now and then until it feels solid to you and is the size you like. Mix 1/2 elmers and 1/2 water in a bowl and paint over all your wrappings. Hang it somewhere to dry and continue making your balls. This step is not totally necessary, they will hold up without the glue wash but makes them more soldid. It is fun to do different sizes and styrofoam balls come in many sizes. If you do not have any stryrofoam balls and want to get started, ball up some newspaper tightly and begin wrapping until you get the desired size and shappe, you can make a loop of fabric to hang this kind from and glue the ends with astraight pin. I like the plaids for Christmas but you may like other Christmas prints or even muslin, plain or coffee dyed for that prim or viontage look. This is a picture of some I did awhile back and put in a little vintage box. If you like the white or muslin you can spray them with a spray adhesive and roll in German glitter glass or sparkles of some kind. Print off your tag, Hang the tag from a piece of jute or ribbon(depending on the look you are going for) They look lovely in a basket by the tree or in your entry to welcome friends and family. Hope you like this tutorial

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