Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is My Birthday!!

Wow!! I feel like I just had a birthday and here it is again. Time is flying at a rate that is unbelievable. I try to accomplish a piece of art everyday, along with working on any projects I have going. Always looking for new ideas and methods. Love the youtube videos of all the techniques for altered art, bookbinding, jewelry making etc. I started the tutorials on Thursday and will continue with that until I run out of things(not likely) I hope people are enjoying them and manage to fit some of these into their busy schedules.
....... A friend dropped by yesterday and we had a great visit and a nice lunch. It was raining out and pretty chilly , the leaves falling like snow from the force of the wind and the rain. But we were warm and cozy with the fireplace going and a nice cup of tea and a really good chicken soup from the night before's dinner.
.......Sometimes , I have to stop doing my projects and connect with a human that doesn't belong to one of my groups.Trying to find out how to crackle fabric , if you know would you tell me??? I would tell you. Here is yesterdays work, the two altered pieces and the quilt I did a couple of days ago. It is a baby rag quilt and quite warm and cozy all flannel , minky and chenille. I hope you have a great day!!!
This is a new transfer method on this tag, not bad I don't think for a first try.
Quote for the day:
Live like you were going to die tomorrow.
Learn like you were going to live forever. Ghandi


Elaine A said...

Betty -

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday today. May if be filled up with family, friends and lots of wonderful memories! Thank you for all your blog postings. You make my mornings so enjoyable.

Elaine Allen

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

Though your past year may seem to have flown, it certainly looks as if you have made great use of the time.

How I love your minky plus other fabrics scrap quilt! It looks like the perfect accessory to a cold damp evening!

Marion said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I love the baby quilt. I'm going to learn how to do that and make me one. Thank you for being so generous with your talents. Blessings!

PS: Here's a beautiful quote I read years ago:

"Time is like a spiral. Annually, on your birthday the same spiritual energy that originally caused that event is present again.
When you were born, God invested within you a soul abounding with talents and qualities. That same energy is present once again every year on the anniversary of your birth. On this day you have the ability to accomplish that which would perhaps be very difficult on another day."

bloubell said...

Thankyou for the kind thoughts and generosity of spirit, love the verse. I will do a tutorial on my kind of rag quilt. in a week or two. I have made 16 of these, mostly family. Have a great day!!!

Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

Happy Birthday Betty! They sure go by fast for me also. Enjoy every minute of it!! Love to hear about the new way you did the transfer. Have a great day.