Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a few thoughts today!!!Northern Exposure!!!

*I have had a headache all day from the minute I stepped out to now. Done everything I could think of, head-on- tylenol, chamomile tea, a nap. Nothing worked. Wanted to make a pillow and couldn't find my transfer paper to put a picture on fabric. Just bought 25 sheets and had to reorder it, Just gone!!!
*Finally decided to watch TV and have just bought the entire 6 seasons of Northern Exposure, so me and the man of the hour watched 2 of the series. Really good TV, if you haven't seen it, it is great. Here is another Movie to watch"Lars and the real girl", a touching movie about a young man and human nature. So sweet, I cried several times and then watched it again the next day. Have you seen Pelham 123? WOW what a flick. John Travolta and Denzell--Great movie.
* Am redecorating my sunroom and will put up pics when it is finished. It is a tribute room to the classes I took a while back with KC Willis. Looking great- really proud of the job we did. OK got to go get a drink and watch something. G'nite

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