Friday, August 28, 2009

Pieces of Nine Challenge!!"Home sweet Home challenge and Grandparents, both for PID group.

This is a "Pieces of Nine " challenge on K C willis collage camp. 9 inch by 9 inch, 9 different fabrics, 9 embellishments, a saying with 9 words. The saying says "You can't beat the person that never gives up" A saying by Babe Ruth.the bat says "Darling" cause that is what the babe called his bat.
the Home sweet home challenge is a thatched roof cottage in Ireland and the saying is"There is no fireplace like your own fireplace. also in Gaelic. It is a handmade paper covered journal with about 20 pages. This Is a PID yahoo group challenge for Sept. PID blog challenge--Arlene's tutorial. "Gone Fishing"


shari said...

i enjoyed visiting your blog but probably won't come back. i am getting tired of being forced to listen to loud music, even if it is music i like. life is too cool to be micromanaged by others.

bloubell said...

Gee Shari, sorry, use your volume button.