Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wanna talk about picnics??? And a new pillow

This is a pillow I made for my sunroom. Fun to do and absolutely love the picture of these 4 pioneer young women. It is my favorite vintage looking picture. On to today's topic:
************ Picnics!! I love a picnic , not a barbeque in the back yard or patio, a real honest to goodness picnic ,pack it up and go to a wonderful park where there is play equipment for the children, lovely grassy slopes to lay out your abundance and people everywhere. The weather is beautiful , you and your family are well prepared, there is hot dogs , potato salad , watermelon , chcoolate cake with marshmallow frosting. Lemonade and Iced tea and lots of chairs and pull together the picnic tables, light the grill and have a real picnic. When I was a young woman, that is what we did, it was fun and lighthearted and at the end of the beautiful day you felt that you had been on a wonderful day long vacation. Everyones"s faces were flushed from the sun and the wind , conversation was flowing,chairs gathered round for a lively discussion. The children playing and again we hear "Watch me" "Watch me" Blankets under the trees in the shade for the little ones to nap.This brought together the old and the young , everyone loved the picnic and loved to get ready for it. Late in the afternoon as the sun was waning, dappled sunshine and shade through the trees. Go On a picnic and see what I mean, it is different than throwing some hamburgers on the grill and inviting the neighbors. It is a summer treat and one that if you haven't done it for a long time will be richly rewarded by this experience.Invite me, I love a picnic.

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