Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A commissioned piece "A tribute to Mary"

I was asked to do this piece as a tribute to a fine lady with lots of interests and many, many awards for a lifetime of effort. I enjoyed doing this and even tho I did not know this lady by the time I finished this shrine to her I felt I knew her and much more I liked her a lot, She and her husband raised 6 children, they were active in their community , she was an avid golfer and bowler and bridge player. I was so taken by her smiling face and wonderful caring attitude with her friends and family, I am proud to have been asked to do this for this wonderful woman. Here's to " Mary" I. grieve for your passing. The day after I started this piece, God took Mary Home.


Mel♥ said...

Beautiful Betty!

Anonymous said...

What a touching story! Thank you for sharing it!

cbshai said...

fantastic work