Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do something amazing with this photo!!!Sara!!

Right click and hit "Save as' and print this picture( about 3 x 5 or larger and alter it in an amazing and beautiful way.Post it on your blog ,send me a picture and leave a comment with the blog address and I will choose my favorite and send you a lovely gift. Hope you have fun with this challenge. The first picture is mine, the second is Lizbeth"s , what a wonderful depiction of the photo. Thanks for playing. A beautiful addition to the challenge by Vicki- Thanks for playing!!! Another beautifully altered picture of Sara by Marilyn , thanks for playing !!!Another beautifully altered picture of Sara, WOW! This is by Terri, Thanks for playing in my challenge! Terri will tell you how she did this beautiful rendition here: The last picture is by Chris and what a lovely job she did on this picture.thanks to all of you for getting involved and will be sending out your gifts as soon as I get your address. Everybody wins!!


Marilyn said...

Hi....I worked on your photo . My attempt at altering it is on my blog. Take a look !

Anonymous said...

I forgot to include my blog address.... sorry

sissy923 said...

I finished Sara, I also put her on my blog, fun and challenging. Thanks for doing this. Chris