Friday, January 30, 2009

My Front Porch!

There was a time, not long ago, when the front porch represented something more that an architectural feature of a home. It was a symbol of community . All too often the "front porch" of modern neighborhoods has been replaced by automatic garage door openers, timed sprinklers, and other conveniences that allow us to live in a place without ever having the opportunity to engage our neighbors in light, neighborly conversation - let alone know enough about each other to walk through the trials of life together. The "front porch" has been very important to me, sitting on the porch swing and enjoying that quick summer shower that came in an instant and left just as fast, Visiting with friends and family , the children playing nearby and sharing a glass of cold lemonade or sweet tea . there was always a breeze on the porches of my life, there was always fragrant smells from the flowers and rose bushes that were close by. The children had their toys and coloring pages on the floor of the porch. They made tents and sang songs and did tricks--"Watch me!" "Watch me!" The summers of my life were lived on the porches of my life.


Anonymous said...

Oh, great memories. I grew up in an urban area, yet we had a front porch. Small, but that's where we sat and kept up with the neighbors. Summers we went to my grandma's beach house, and that had a wrap around porch. No ACs then, so sitting there and catching a bit of the ocean and bay breezes was how we cooled off.
I love your tribute to front porches. I think when they fell out of favor and people started building back yard decks, we lost our sense of neighborhood and community. Thanks for the memories.

Dragonlady said...

Love the front porch, I wish I had one,I have very fond memories of spending time on the porches of my grandparents house, They had porch all around the house and it was a big 2 story house...Ahhhhhh
very good memories..thank you