Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hearts and polka dots challenge!- Inchie charm swap

A 5 x 7 piece for a PID challenge-hearts and polka dots"Key to My Heart" Got to work on a deco page now. 25 below chill today but the sun is out.
the inchie charms were done yesterday and made the picture larger today. They were fun to make ,now that I know how to do it I will do more today.
***** A brief instruction on the making of the charms--cut i inch squares of cardboard-2 for each charms,not to thick, paint both with gesso and stamp one with designs of your choice(small) draw a frame on the other piece and cut out the center to frame your image. decide on the image and glue it center. I covered the frame piece with elmers glue dipped in silver embossing and heated it with a heat gun , kind of lumpy makes it look like solder-put jumprings in between the layers ,glue and add your beads or embellishments, pearls or whatever. I put a coat of liquid laminate on the whole thing and covered the back with music paper. Hope this helps, next time I will punch the holes and do the jump rings that way.

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sissy923 said...

Betty, Love your work, you do beautiful art, I am going to get busy. Chris