Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Book sculptures and Book binding*****

*If you are interested in either of these subjects , on the right of my blog under book sculptures are links to most(if not all) of the sites for that work of art. It is amazing what people can do with scissors and scalpels.
* Also a site called Book arts-lots of links to make and bind every type of book you would want to make. These directions are very clear and have drawings and some even have videos to take you thru the process of making any type of book you choose, whether it be a journal to put in your pocket or purse to a hard cover book to save for posterity. take a look, I will be taking pictures of some books that I made soon.


Babytreese said...

What is the web address for the book art-lots site?

bloubell said...

It is on the right hand side of my blog under the heading of book sculpture sites.