Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time to put some thoughts down.

This day is kind of a wash, caught by a song and grabbed me for the day-This "Killing the blues" really didn't kill the blues for me but have listened to the song endlessly. I have been seen(in the song) swinging the world by it's tail. If anyone reads this listen to this beautiful song. Allison krause and robert Plant
A book round robin is beginning (the first for me) I think it is going to be fun and challenging and a chance to see other people's work up close and personal. Have a boy's book in the works and also a house book.
All the men in the world are mourning the loss of Brett farvre, because we are in Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers are Wisconsin. I only wish my mind was so free that I would actually care if a football player retired.
Will hope for a better and more productive day tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Have been enjoying your exquisitely beautiful work via AlteredBooks Yahoo Group for a while...thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your blog as well.