Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture composition!

She is standing outside the frame with her basket of flowers spilling out on the flagstones, who is going to answer the door? She has an envelope in her hand that looks like "Valentines Day". Is the person beyond the door the gift giver, is she there to thank him for the card and the basket?Does he know that she is out there? This is a story that only you have the answer to. make it what you will. Are you a romantic?


Shelley said...


Elaine A said...

Hi Betty -

This is just so beautiful! I think she is dropping off flowers and a valentine card to save some poor husband who forgot what the day was! I think she is the Valentine Fairy.

Elaine Allen

Ann said...

Lovely piece Betty. Perhaps hoping someone special is behind the door..husband,lover,an old friend that she hasn't seen for a long time?

bloubell said...

Love your stories, thanks for the comments,

Laura Haviland said...

Lovely piece Betty,
I am sorry I have not been in touch, I have been sick for a long time.
I am getting better now.
I will check out Roses on my table and maybe join too.
Best wishes, have fun creating art dolls.
Hugs,Laura. xoxx

bloubell said...

Hope it is nothing serious and you will be back on your feet soon. I gave your blog address to my paper doll group ,wanted them to see your type of paper dolls. Hugs