Thursday, December 9, 2010

New project! tiny things

Bought some punchout furniture and worked on it. Fun, not done yet but a good start. These pieces are going to go in my Mercantile store(that I haven't made yet)


Janet Ghio said...

Back when I was making all kinds of miniature rooms, I made a general store. If I can find a photo of it, I will email it to you. Your furniture is very cute!

bloubell said...

Thanks Janet, would love to see your store, I bought a house and going to transform it into a store, redo the front facade, Really looking forward to playing in that tiny world.

Elaine A said...

Betty -

OMG! These are just adorable! How do you work with things so tiny? I adore all the little pieces of fabric you've added and the color is just gorgeous! How the heck did you paint all those tiny flowers? I just think these are fantastic! I can't wait to see your mercantile, it sounds like it will be fun.
Happy Holidays Betty! Wishing you and your family a safe, warm and love filled Holiday.

Elaine Allen

bloubell said...

Actually the flowers are decals and love that color of everything. Thanks.