Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 6 AM View From The Porch!!!

This morning while having my morning coffee and watching the birds, I decided to share this litle peace of Sunday with you. There were two wood peckers just a few feet from me on the apple tree but didn't get my camera in time. Just a pleasant breeze and a lot of chirping going on.
The top picture is a butterfly sighting here in WI. Can't remember the name Morning (something)


FlipSyde said...

Number first... lovely porch!
Secondly, I so rarely see woodpeckers! I am envious that you saw 2 in one sitting. I am outdoors a lot, and I love watching birds, but sadly, I don't see many woodpeckers around here. Lucky duck.

Zaa said...

Lovely porch Betty... Nice informative blog...