Friday, May 7, 2010

Tutorials!I All feedback appreciated!

On the top of the left column is a list of all the tutorials on my blog. I sincerely hope you can use some or all of these techniques in your own art work. Have a great day and if you are a Mother A Great Mother's Day.


Elaine A said...

Bloubell -

Thank you for the great tutorial. Enjoy your weekend.

Elaine Allen

Linda B. said...

You are SO GENEROUS to take the time to put these on your blog, and then gather them together for us. So far I just read the crackle one, and I have to go and try it NOW! I have your site bookmarked, and will be back for all the rest, WOW, THANKS!
Linda B.

bloubell said...

Thankyou for the nice comments. That is what it's about, really, is feedback.