Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Giveaway winner!!

Rusted wings is the winner of my giveaway for the baby shoe pincushion. If she would notify me with her name and address, I will send this littlw treasure off to her. Congrats!!


Elaine A said...

Congratulations Rusted Wings! What a great prize.

Elaine Allen

carrie said...

lovely blog, would like to look around more but would prefer it without the playlist music. i hate having to mute my computer and hunt around for the playlist off button. and every time i go to the next page it starts all over again unless i leave my computer on mute. also, the volume button seems to be absent here. i have seen blogs that keep playlist turned off but have a message at the top inviting people to play the music if they wish. options are always nice.

bloubell said...

i appreciate your comments on the music, you are the 2nd person to mention this today and It hurts my feelings that all the work and free tutorials that I have offered on my blog for 2 years are going (pretty much) unnoticed for something so trivial as my taste in music. It is my blog and I love music of all kinds and every blog I visit I enjoy their music and it gives me a window into who this person is. I'm sorry that this is bothersome to some people but no, I will not chamge it. I spend a lot of time doing art work, working up things that people can use and do in their own art, it is a gift to you and anyone else that visits,If you don't like the gift then I guess this blog is not for you.