Sunday, February 17, 2008

Italian shadow box-No. 3 in series

Italian box-series 3
Another box in the series-Flemme Valley in the mountains. crackled and rusted with a little village.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bloubell, I am sooo intrigued by your little boxes. All your art is wonderful, but the boxes just speak to me. How did you go about making them? Any instructions you'd care to share? What a funky and fun idea on your turtle shell also. XXMollye
My email for any reply offline of the group is: Thanks

KB said...

Hi Bloubell,

Your boxes are just lovely! Very beautiful--it's like a complete little world in there. Fantastic.


MistiRose said...


It's Misti from PID. I just love your little boxes. :) As blind as I am, is there any way that I could see them in a bigger version? I would really like to see a closer up version of them so I could see all of the details in their little city. Also, I'm with the first poster in this series of comments... is there any chance you would give us a blog tutorial?! This entire series is just wonderful. ~Misti from PID

bloubell said...

Hi Mistirose
Thankyou for the comments on the boxes, they are my favorites. I will post a tutorial about these boxes in a week or two, company coming today for a week or so. If you send me your e-mail I will send you an attachment pic of the boxes. Betty