Monday, September 20, 2010

My accordian book!!!

This is my accordian book, made with instruction from R.A.I.L. group at Roses on my table. This was a lot of fun and very labor intensive. i loved it and will make another soon. Hope you like it.


Robin said...

It's so very beautiful!!

Suz said...

Just amazing! Is it for a swap? I see the Euro's above and wonder if you are from Europe. I just liked your content! We are in Croatia now at our exchange student son's wedding and it is so beautiful sitting in front of the sea!

(Stop and visit, if you would like. It is truly just the barest amount about our jewelry! We wanted just Katsui and it was taken!)

claudine said...

love it !!! so full of cute details !!!

K Andrew said...

This is just amazing--i can't get over it--gorgeous!
I can totally see that it is VERY labor intensive--as I've done books like this before--yours is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Your accordion book is just beautiful! I look forward to seeing your next one, too.

bloubell said...

Thankyou all for the comments on the book , it was a lot of fun and no, I am from WI USA. It is not for a swap. Thanks again!