Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let's talk fall food!!

I made green bean soup, sooo good and so fresh and had corn fritters With it. A lot of people don't know what green bean soup is so here it is-10 cups of water-10 chicken boullion cubes-1 1/2 # green beans- 1 onion- 4 peeled potatoes- 4 slices of bacon chopped very small- 1 tsp. Pepper-1 tsp cumin- 1 tsp basil- 1 tsp garlic chopped- simmer a an hour , watch the liquid level and mash with a potato masher. Really good.
Made apple crisp and it was also very good with vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. WOW!!! What a treat!! Made a beef brisket , sliced very thin with a homemade BBQue sauce on it. Meatloaf next. Jerry has requested squash- he likes acorn. He bought one when we went to the fruit stand. So we will cut that and fill it with butter and salt and pepper. It will wear off but right now I can't think of anything but food. Have any recipes you want to share??? Send them to me at my e-mail and I will put them up on the blog, I'll even find a picture that looks like your recipe. My e-mail is Hope to hear from you. Have a great day!!!


Janet Ghio said...

Sounds good--I've cooked green beans and potatos like this, but have never mashed it. Too many people today on blogs talking about apple pie, apple crisp--yum!!

bloubell said...

Thanks for the comment , Janet, I love to talk food in between art projects . I hate to admit it but I am always hungry.