Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gathered some recipes and back to the tags:

Paint both sides of layaway tag with black and let dry thoroughly. When it is dry ,coat with elmers glue a medium coat on one side(not clear to the edges) and paint over while wet with orange(don't paint clear to the edges ) leave some black showing.Allow to dry. Wait for the crackles. Punch three holes at bottom even, one in the corners and one in the middle, also punch your top tag hole while you are waiting for the paint to dry.Add tags that have been stamped with BOO. If you don't have these cut some circles out of orange,glue 2 together so it will be sturdy and stamp on that, tie with black embroidery floss. Have to go, be back in a few.

I added some cheesecloth( a piece) a double image of a cat that has pop dots to make it dimensional and also the jack o lantern , Added text that says Halloween. black string for the top . the tag is doubled for stability and I covered it with a decoupage solution of 1/2 elmers and 1/2 water, mixed. 2 light coats. I will do another tomorrow.
This is one of the tags, altered from the etsy collage sheet. Top picture. Added torn orange paper, torn text with ink on edges, picture of lady and witch's hat, pop dot cat with broom and orange ribbon.

here is another- using the layaway tag, layer with black floss and strips of orange and black paper, add some cheesecloth, and a halloween sign, some text and one or two vintage images, tie at top with black floss. The strips, cheescloth and floss add interest to the background.
Here is another cut out frame and put picture behind it with pop dots, gives it dimension and a 3 D like effect. Added images and beads to the painted black background that has been sanded. Orange ribbon.


Hopemore Studio said...

Love the crackle effect, seems very easy to do, I'll have to give it a try.

Thanks for sharing this.

bloubell said...

Hope you can use it somewhere, I like it cause you can choose how big the cracks are . Thanks. Betty