Monday, September 6, 2010

Distressing and adding elements!

Added inks to cards, colors according to background.The next step is adding elements that match with the background in some way--one card at a time-let's start with the map card. Adding some text in the form of a heart-back with color-antique text-stamp in corner-paris and london-a vintage figure on pop dots, I like the look of numbers, also. Punch a hole in the corner and add a little fibre.Added an eiffel tower charm.

The next card is the watercolor card with the purple distressing- this looks so soft and pretty to me so soft and pretty it is-a piece of ripped music paper- a couple of stamped flourishes-an image with purple undertones - a saying mounted on paper , clock- tag and a flower and added fibers. the pictures go up starting with the map going up.

The next card is the school card with the antiqueing on edges.added a ripped paper writing, a clock, a ruler ,a paper whimsy girl and a butterfly, I like the use of butterflies because it gives a sense of movement, this card does not require as many elements because the background adds a lot to the school theme.

The next card is the ripped background, this is a tom sawyer type card with some corrugated cardboard and label from a book , and image , brass frog and saying lasso type rope.

The next card is the handmade paper ripped with flowered paper , I added a beautiful image and lace and embroidery piece , 2 roses , a button, a brass ladybug and ribbon. says Dream!!

The next card is the antique calendar background with a image printed on fabric,( there is a tutorial for printing on fabric in the list of tutorials )butterfly wings, a fairy saying, a tag with ribbon and stamp-sparkle on butterfly wings and bird.

The next is the frame background, with fabric printed image of girl , cheesecloth for testure a piece of corrugated cardboard, a stamp ,torn writing and " long ago"

the next is the writing background with a lovely image , torn dictionary page, a stamp a flower ,torn music notes and a corner piece. Hope you enjoyed my little lesson and could use something from it.

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