Friday, October 22, 2010

Want to do domino art?? Don't have any?

Have your man or someone cut some 1/8 inch luan 1 x 2 and there you go sand and finish to your liking.The saying is"Necessity is the Mother of Invention!!!"


Elaine A said...

Hi Betty -

What a lovely pendant! You've done a beautiful job. I never run out of dominoes, I pick them up in Wal-mart or the dollar stores whenever I get a chance. I use them for making pendants also.

Elaine Allen

bloubell said...

Hi Elaine, I wasn't planning on making more than a few and didn't want to buy the white large dominos, I had the smaller black ones but that wasn't what the project called for. So Jerry cut 6 and that will be enough. It was fun to do them. Thanks for the comment, there is a lovely angel poem on the back. Hugs Betty

Daphne said...

This is so very pretty!

Anonymous said...

And I really want to keep my super old vintage dominos intact.