Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Few Thoughts this windy morning!!

I think if all the politicians would give the money that they have spent on their campaigns to the deficit it would have helped immensely, I really don't understand why you would spend that kind of money for a post that doesn't pay that much, I read a woman spent 13 million of her own money. I guess I'm missing something here.
So excited, Project Runway finale tonight. Can't wait, Hope anyone wins except Gretchen, what an arrogant, no talent woman. Think Mondo will win , but I believe Michael C. was more talented than Andie or Gretchen.
Have you got involved in "The Big C"? Such a great show, on Showtime. Parenthood is one of my favorites too, How about "little People, big world" Am fascinated with Hoarders, I never saw so many stubborn people.
Reading Debbie Macombers Blossom Street series in the family room and 44 Scotland street series on the exercise bike. Crocheting socks on the side, hopefully for presents. The dominos are going to be key rings for gifts.
I hate to think of Oprah being gone, did you see the program about the couple losing their 3 children and lo and behold they had triplets a year or so later. i will miss her sorely, I don't always watch but I know she's there.
Be talking, got to go to the doctor at 10. So off to get ready.


Elaine A said...

Morning Betty -

I agree with you about Gretchen. Extremely arrogant and I don't find her sincere at all. All the hugging she was doing with Michael C. and she was one of the ones always criticizing him. I hope Mondo wins, he is just so quirky, I find him endearing. I really felt terrible for Michael, I can't believe they picked Gretchen over him.
And as for Oprah, like you I don't watch all the time, but it is nice to know she is there. I did catch the episode with that young couple who lost their 3 little ones. I sat on the couch and cried. When they brought out the 2 year old triplets, I cried even harder. What a strong team that husband and wife make.
As for Hoarders I keep saying I am no going to watch it anymore because it just is uncomfortable to watch, but I still find myself tuning in every once in a while. I usually keep to Criminal Minds, all the CSI shows, all the Law & Order shows, the Mentalist. Also love Dancing with the Stars, So you Think you can dance (when its on). I record my shows and watch them when I have some time in the evenings.
Hope your doctor's appt. goes well. Enjoy your day.


bloubell said...

I fell asleep just before they picked the winner so had to ask my daughter and then I watched the tape of it, I was so dissappointed that Gretchen won. I say the same thing about Hoarders every time and usually watch it. Boy they are sickeningand very stubborn and inconsiderate of their children. thanks for the doctor wishes. Crocheting some socks today. Love it. Nice to hear from you always. Hugs