Thursday, August 5, 2010

New!! ATC book holder!!

This is a sweet little book to use to send off your ATC's or inchies, fun to make and holds 8 ATC cards. Roses at My table instructions in the library, small fee per year.Lots of free info also. If you like my work please feel free to comment. That is what it's all about-the feedback is the wind in all our sails.


Sara said...

thats great. I am yet to make mine, but am looking forward to getting started on it. I love the colours and the butterfly

bloubell said...

Thanks Sara, I went to both of your blogs, So pretty and sweet, love the recipes and hope your Mom is on the mend, can I ask if she is on a blood thinner? I had a brain bleed about 3 months ago caused from coumadin, It resolved itself in about a week. It only affected my hand. Your story about the ambulance is so typical, people are so uncaring and unfeeling lots of times, I see that here too wwhere they just don't make any effort to get out of the way. Going to try your macaroni frittata

Astrid Maclean said...

This is beautiful Betsy. I have joined the library but have not yet watched this video, might get some time tonight.

Thanks for your comment on my envies. They are American sized business envelopes, glued shut and then cut in half, that's what then gives you a pocket for tags etc.

The swap is held on a private art site. members are by invitation only. If you are interested I could certainly try and get you invited.
Take care