Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mother Nature-My muse 2 page journal spread!!

Journal journey 2 page spread for Roses at my Table group challenge. The challenge is who or what is your Muse. What drives you to make art. The smell of fresh air, an oncoming thunderstorm, the first breaths of air in the spring, the fall leaves, the wind in the trees, the feel of the sun on your face, fragrant bouquets of flowers, the joy in your own flower garden. Fruits and vegetables fresh and so juicy they take your breath away. This is what excites me and makes me want to create something lovely. Nature in all it's glory.


Rosie said...

Wow, these a very beautiful pages.

sjmcdowell said...

Your journal pages are lovely!!
I think what inspires me to create is life around me. The garden flowers, the ocean and finding treasures in the sand, but beyond inspiration is the hunger and need to create that comes from the depth of my soul. I will never cease to create till the Creator comes to take me home.

Love and Smiles,


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