Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Best Thing I ever ate!!! Desserts!! Giveaway!

I saw this on the food network channel, thought it might be fun for people to comment with the best thing they ever ate. Here is mine:

Jello chocolate pudding (the cooked kind) Put small brownie on bottom of bowl. pudding next( hot) ice cream bar pushed into center and take stick out , cover with whipped cream, eat now!!!
let's hear yours: My favorite will get a piece of art from my collection. will post picture when my batteries charge.


Elaine A said...

Happy New Year Bloubell! Wishing you all the best in 2010. My favorite thing to eat was my Mom's bread pudding. It was just so luscious and not low calorie! Now that she is gone, I'm the one who makes it for family gatherings. Everyone swears it tastes like hers, but I still miss hers. Her secret ingredient was coconut cream (like what is used for Pina Colada). It was hearty, moist comforting and just so delicious. It stood on its own, did not need any sauces or whipped cream to go on top. And in my family, the two huge trays would be gone in one day! There are 6 siblings with spouses and children.

Elaine Allen

bloubell said...

I love bread pudding, would have made some today but no raisins or currants. Your recipe sounds wonderful, Hope you have a great and healthy year also. Betty

Ann said...

that sounds absolutely decadent and oh,so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mom's fried chicken..she used crisco and an old iron juicy and crispy,I can smell it as I write this. What a wonderful memory for me..thanks for taking me back to the days she was here!!

Diane said...

The best thing I ever ate...
My mom's apple dumplings. She would pour warm vanilla sauce (pudding) on top. It was comfort food at it's best!