Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Found this and wanted to share it with you!

So many times when travelling from one blog to another, you may come across a writing that sums up how you feel about certain things and just don't know how to put it in words. It is like an Ahah! moment and you think how is this possible for someone to have come to these conclusions that you also have come to. this is said so well, so here it is:

"I no longer place much importance on an exalted love for everyone and everything. It isn't likely or even practical that each of us will be able to truly love everyone else. There are simply too many human failings of the heart to allow it. I do believe kindness and compassion are always possible, even when love isn't, and that they spring from courage and are not quite, though almost, the same thing. Kindness refers to the little things, small everyday gestures - being good, and a help to those near to us, in our varied circles, even extending that to those we may not know personally, but to whom we reach out when they need a hand to steady, or a word to comfort. Compassion is larger than kindness. One can be kind, lacking understanding. Compassion is a way of understanding, of putting oneself in the position of another, of walking the mile in their shoes. Compassion evokes generosity of spirit and encourages universality while recognizing individuality. It allows true forgiveness of terrible human failings and outrages that would seem unforgivable almost as easily as smaller transgressions of a moral code."
Thanks to Sara Fishburn, which I did not ask permission but hope that she is not offended by my placement of her words on my blog.

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